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Global Parking System, Inc. through our technology partnerships, can provide parking automation and parking management solutions with cutting edge and world-leading  technologies. Our equipment and software solve any parking issue, as well as improve parking efficiency, customer service and add incremental parking spaces, which translate into incremental revenue. Our products and customer service are innovative, unique and pragmatic. We customize our range of products to the clients’ need based on their parking building, traffic behavior, tenants’ profile in the parking building, and being dynamic and agile to quickly adapt to future needs.

After reviewing and studying the valet parking across the country, and assessing the traffic behavior, we believe that our services and products will profoundly benefit our clients bottom line and customer service through our innovative technologies that can be customized with any revenue control system on the market. These technologies include but are not limited to:

1.Valet parking reservation from smartphone or computers.

2.Accessing and exiting parking garage,  LPR systems.

3.360 Scanning vehicles when checking in and checking out.

4.Checking in vehicles without reservation.

5.Parking vehicles with guidance system according to parking durations.

6.System notification to smartphone.

7.Providing services and storage to autonomous vehicles

7.Parking Management Software.

8.Overall efficiency


With the above topics, we believe that Global Parking System, Inc. will improve our clients customer service and efficiency with our cutting edge technology. The hardware that we will install can be easily customized to future needs and with exponential advancements in technology, it will be easier than ever to add or customize our system based on any future needs.

Hal Darring -CEO

Paul Collier -Vice President

Wynn Darring     

Director of Operations-Phoenix, AZ

Jessica Alexander

Operations Manger-San Diego, CA

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